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Acer Aspire S7 vs Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro vs Asus Taichi 31:Hot Cake Is....................

W.A.Khan,                                                                                                                                             Acer Aspire S7                                                                                                                                         The Acer Aspire S7 is a premium-looking ultrabook, with great performance, strong battery life, and a high-res touch screen.We really liked the inclusion of the Intel Core i7-3517U processor, 13.3-inch Multi-touch FHD Acer CineCrystal LCD, and 256GB of storage. The battery life with this device is great and the fact that it's only 2.9lbs means that we'll be rocking this baby for a while.
But, The expensive S7 is priced well beyond most other touch-screen Windows 8 laptops. The touch pad is not as responsive as it should be.
The bottom line: One of the few standout products from the first wave of Windows 8 laptops, the Acer Aspire S7 proves that Apple does not have a monopoly on great design.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Specifications
ProcessorIntel 3rd Gen Core i7 3517UB1.9 GHz ( 3 GHz ) ( Dual-Core )
Memory4 GB/ 4 GB (max)
Hard Drive256 GB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 8
Display Type13.3 in
Max Resolution1920 x 1080 ( Full HD )
Graphics ProcessorIntel HD Graphics 4000
Optical DriveNone                                                                                                                                     Price;$1,560.01                                                                                                                                           VS                                                                                                                                                         Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro                                                                                                                   The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 is an excellent ultrabook, even without digging into its hybrid capabilities. This new model adds a backlit keyboard and an impressive 3,200x1,800-pixel-resolution display, while keeping the price under $1,000.The impressive specs continue with an up to an Intel Haswell Core i7-4500Y processor and up to 512 GB SSD. There's also up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.
But, In battery life it lags behind a couple of more expensive higher-res laptops, some of the hybrid modes are of dubious use, and Lenovo still doesn't know what to do with the keyboard in tablet mode.
The bottom line: A major update to our favorite Windows 8 hybrid, the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro is still a better laptop than tablet, but the new version adds a future-proof better-than-HD display at a great price.                                                                                                                                                                                Specifications
ProcessorIntel 4th gen Core i3 4010U / 1.7 GHz
RAM installed size4 GB
Hard Drive128 GB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 8.1
Display Type13.3 in
Max Resolution3200 x 1800
Weight3.1 lbs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Price $999                                                                                                                                               VS                                                                                                                                                         Asus Taichi 31                                                                                                                                           The Asus Taichi 31 is clearly an ultrabook that is meant to be the standout device in the entire category.The latest contraption to hit our markets is the Taichi, a dual-screen Windows 8 hybrid that debuted sometime last year. The Taichi can behave like a regular Ultrabook and even doubles up as a tablet when closed thanks to the secondary display on the top.The Asus Taichi 31 sports two Full HD IPS screens. The manufacturer wants to attract both target groups with the Taichi 31 and designs a convertible device that is an ultrabook and tablet in one. Unlike competing products like Dell's XPS 12 Convertible or Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 13, the Taichi 31 does not use twisting mechanisms, such as a flip or fold hinge. It installs a second, back-to-back screen in the ultrabook's lid.An IPS screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels is used for both the inner screen and the one built into the lid, i.e. outer screen. Only the screens' finish differs. The laptop's screen features a matte coating and the tablet-typical outer screen features a glossy edge-to-edge design.The body is primarily made of aluminium with a dark, almost graphite-like colour and brushed finish. The edges of the palm rest are tapering, and while they do look good, they are quite sharp and not too gentle on your wrists. The laptop weighs a little over 1.5 kg, which is normal for a laptop its size, but heavy for a tablet. The build quality is top-notch.There will be two Asus Taichi models, the 11.6-inch, 1.25kg Taichi 21 and the 13.3-inch, 1.55kg Taichi 31.Many laptop manufacturers are still holding on to the aging TN panels with just 1366x768 resolution, but ASUS used two Full HD IPS panels for the Taichi. They're not identical, as the one on the inside does not have the touch layer the one on the outside has. So when you fold down the screens, you basically have a large, thick tablet. Flip it up, and you have an Ultrabook. The screen on the outside with the touch layer also is more glossy than the one on the inside, the 'laptop' screen.With both the 11.6-inch Taichi 21 and the 13.3-inch Taichi 31 you get a choice of Intel Core i5-3317U or quad-core Core i7-3517U processors, backed by 4GB of RAM and a 128GB or 256GB SSD. Graphics are of course handled by Intel’s integrated HD 4000 chipset.Asus has given its most premium laptop/tablet a decent set of HD snappers, with a 720p one at the front (when in laptop mode) and a 5megapixel, 1080p rear shooter for the tablet.A battery backup time of 2 hour was registered in the Classic test, while the Reader's test result yielded 5 hours 45 minutes. In a real time usage that involved using office applications, surfing the internet, occasional music and video, and watching some YouTube clips, the battery lasted for over 8 hours 30 minutes. This is good battery backup for the Windows 8 Ultrabook with Full HD screen and an Intel Core i7 CPU.A completely new cdesign in convertible tablet / laptops.The unique Windows 8 device has back-to-back 13.3-inch screens and works as a touch-enabled laptop with lid open, or as a tablet with lid closed.Price:$1100 to $1300 

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