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Google Pixel C vs iPad Pro :Flagship's battle:

Google Pixel C                                                                                                    The Google Pixel C has a slim, compact aluminum build that feels sturdy. Its optional Bluetooth keyboard is equally solid and doubles as the tablet's cover and it has a powerful, long-running battery. The tablet runs the latest version of Android and its performance is lightning fast. The screen is sharp, bright and colorful, and gaming graphics look stellar.                                                                                                        Screen                                                                                                                     The 10.2-inch screen is beautiful too, at a resolution of 2560 x 1800 in a screen with an uncommon aspect ratio: 1:√2. That’s the same ratio as a standard A4 piece of paper, which means that the Pixel C’s screen feels capacious whether you’re using it in landscape or portrait mode (it also has implications for multitasking, maybe, someday — more on that later).                                   Google has crammed in a hefty 308ppi in its Pixel C display that pushes out a 2560 x 1800 resolution on a 10.2-inch screen. Google also says there's 500 nits of brightness and full sRGB colour gamut. While this sounds lovely we'd be a little worries about how much power all those pixel and that brightness will chew through.                                                                                              Performance

The Pixel C sports Nvidia's Tegra X1 processor, a 64-bit, quad-core chip which delivers a healthy blast of power into Google's aluminium-clad slate.
That's joined by 3GB of RAM, which means the Pixel C has more power under the hood than the iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9, although the octa-core Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet technically have greater capacity for higher loads.
Running the Pixel C through Geekbench 3 shows just how powerful it is. With an average multi-core score of 4449, it performs better than the Nexus 9, Sony and Samsung tablets, while pretty much matching the Air 2's result.
On screen I found the Android interface to be fast and fluid. Apps generally loaded in good time, and the Pixel C was able to run the graphically-intensive Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8 Airborne without any hint of slowdown.
It's not the slickest experience I've ever had on a tablet though, and while everything runs well, the Pixel C just lacks that top level of polish for sublime performance and instant responses every time.
 But,It's a bit heavy when attached to the keyboard (which is sold separately). Big-name apps and games still tend to hit iOS before Android.                                             THE BOTTOM LINE The Google Pixel C is the best Android tablet money canbuy.              Specs                                                      
Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Display: 10.2-inch LTPS LCD,2560x1800 (308 ppi)
500 nit brightness
sRGB color gamut                                                                                      
Processor: NVIDIA Tegra X1
256 core Maxwell GPU                                                                                        
RAM: 3GB LPDDR3                                                                                 Internal storage: 32GB or 64GB                                                             Cameras: 2MP front
8MP rear                                                                                                      
Battery: 34.2 WHr                                                                                  Charging: USB-C                                                                                          Audio: Stereo speakers
Quad noise-cancelling microphones
3.5 mm audio out                                                                              
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2x2 MIMO, dual-band
Bluetooth 4.1 + HS                                                                                  
Sensors: Ambient Light, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Hall, Proximity                                                                                                Keyboard: Optional Bluetooth wireless keyboard                        Dimensions: 242 x 179 x 7 mm                                                                Weight: 0.517 kg / 1.139 lb                                                            Price:$499.00

 VS                                                                                                                           iPad Pro                                                                                                                  The iPad Pro is a much bigger device than the average tablet – with a 12.9-inch display, it's always going to be a bit hefty.The design language follows on strongly from the rest of the iPad family, with the same ceramic-like metal on the back, the curved edges and TouchID home button above the Lightning port.The new iPad Pro is the biggest and fastest Apple tablet to date. The pressure-sensitive Pencil stylus offers superior sketching and drawing, and the Pro's gorgeous giant screen and quad speakers are ideal for split-screen apps, multitasking and watching movies.                                                                                   PERFORMANCE:                                                                                                       In terms of the engine Apple's stuck inside the iPad Pro, the company has gone all out here. The Pro features an A9X chip inside, coupled with 4GB of RAM (according to Geekbench, although Apple hasn't confirmed this).
This makes the iPad Pro easily the most powerful non-Mac device Apple's ever made by some distance. What that means in real life is two fold: you can execute multiple apps at once without a hint of slowdown, with heavy titles like Adobe Photoshop working in an instant and the ability to do many things at once a really slick experience.
The Split Screen mode of iOS 9, introduced in June at WWDC 2015, seemed like an odd thing - the 9.7-inch size of the iPad Air sort of made sense with two apps running at the same time, but now we've got this whopping screen to play with it makes a lot more sense.
If we're talking raw numbers, and I know that's why some of you cheeky people are here, then you're in for a treat. Using Geekbench 3 to test, the iPad Pro scores 5472, which is well ahead of the 4506 from the iPad Air 2 and the 4974 of the next-most powerful device, the Galaxy Note 5.                                                                                      That won't mean much in day to day use, but it gives the iPad Pro a massive boost in terms of future proofing it. The apps to come are going to make more and more of that impressive chipset running at the heart of the tablet, and having the raw grunt to keep up will mean that you're going to keep getting a decent performance for years to come.
The interface is nothing special though - I don't mean that critically, as the simplicity of iOS is something that's one of the selling points of Apple's devices. However, some people looking at the iPad Pro as a dedicated professional device will be a little disappointed as it still runs the same way as the iPad Air 2, albeit with a lot of accessories to play around with.   The same grid of apps prevails, with the notifications shade above and the Control Center below for easy access to messages and commonly used actions.
The larger screen means you need to move your hand further to achieve these, but it's not like you're being asked to throw yourself over a waterfall in a barrel, just moving your finger a little further up and down.
However, it's worth noting as it is one of the drawbacks of having a larger device like this, and you'll need to be aware of them before purchase.

 But,At launch, very few apps are currently optimized to take advantage of the iPad Pro's full potential. Its large size makes it less portable than other iPads. Once you've paid for the Pencil and keyboard peripherals, the iPad Pro costs as much as a good laptop, but lacks its flexibility.
The Bottom Line The iPad Pro is a dream machine for graphic designers and media mavens, but this elegant tablet needs more optimized apps and accessories before it can fully achieve laptop-killer status.
Key Features: 12.9-inch 2048 x 2732 screen; A9X 2.26GHz dual-core processor ; 4GB RAM; 8 megapixel rear camera; 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera; 4 stereo speakers; iOS 9
Manufacturer: Apple


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